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    32 Magical Disney Products You Can Get From BoxLunch

    From a glow-in-the-dark Oogie Boogie figure to a too-cute tie-dye Little Mermaid sweatshirt, it's going to be hard not to buy all of these magical items.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A glow-in-the-dark Oogie Boogie Funko Pop complete with his wheel of terror that'll put a *spin* on your desk decor.

    a green oogie boogie figure standing next to a spinning blue and white wheel with dice in hand and a skeleton in the middle
    boxlunchgifts / Via instagram.com

    This ghoulish glowing guy is currently on pre-order, but as a Nightmare fan myself I'd say he's worth the wait.

    Price: $30.90 (expected to ship by 09/1–9/12)

    2. A woven Aladdin throw you'll take one look at and say "you ain't never had a friend like me" before you curl up into to watch hours (and hours) of movies on Disney+.

    a woven throw featuring a purple design with red flames, tigers, and fringed edges

    Price: $39

    3. A Peter Pan-inspired eyeshadow palette, because even if you don't plan on "growing up" anytime soon, you can still make sure your eyes sparkle like Tinker Bell.


    With shades with names like "Second Star," "Skull Rock," and "Mermaid Lagoon," you can't go wrong!

    Price: $16.90

    4. A tie-dye Little Mermaid sweatshirt to bring a *splash* of color to your wardrobe.

    a pink yellow blue and purple tie dye pullover with the little mermaid logo and ariel and flounder on it

    Promising review: "Love this sweatshirt. Not women's sizing though. This is unisex sizing. Sad they didn't mention this. It is listed in women's, I ordered an XL. It was big enough to fit my husband. (It's not his style though). Had to reorder smaller size. BoxLunch, please list proper sizing! Cheers!" —shopgirldisney

    Price: $35.42 (originally $44.90, available in sizes XS–XL)

    5. A Hercules card holder that'll prevent you from causing yourself any unnecessary *pain or panic* over misplacing your credit card or ID.

    a light blue card holder with an illustration of baby hercules holding the necks of two snakes (pain and panic)

    Price: $13.52 (originally $16.90)

    6. An interchangeable charm necklace so you can channel whichever Disney Princess you're feeling the most that day — no more picking favorites!

    a gold necklace with a single rose charm hanging from it in addition to three other princess-themed charms

    The set comes with a Sleeping Beauty charm, a Cinderella charm, an Ariel charm, and a Belle charm.

    Promising review: "Bought this for my Disney-loving daughter. She is 12 and it is beautifully in its simplicity. She loves that she can wear multiple charms or just one charm. Super cute." —Anonymous

    Price: $13.52 (originally $16.90)

    7. A Pizza Planet cup that'll let you take your Toy Story obsession and your favorite beverage to-go ;) .

    a blue plastic cup with green font that says pizza planet delivery shuttle serving your local star cluster

    Promising review: "Absolutely love this cup. My daughter collects anything Pizza Planet so this was a must-have for her but I find myself using it more!" —Parparlala81

    Price: $13.52 (originally $16.90)

    8. An Emperor's New Groove pullover for anyone who has spent their entire summer so far wishing they could drop everything and escape to Kuzcotopia.

    the sweatshirt with an Emperor's New Groove design

    Promising review: "This review is for all my plus size people! Item fits well. Definitely a men’s fit. I got the 3X and typically wear a 20-22 in women’s tops or 3X in men’s T-shirts. It’s a little 'baggy' fit in the sleeves and the chest but the waist fits me perfectly. The elastic band is very stretchy which is nice too. Super cute color and design. —squidneym

    Price: $39.12 (originally $48.90, available in unisex sizes XS–XL, 1X–3X)

    9. A cord protector that'll let you *magically* charge your phone and prevent your wire from being frayed. Added bonus? It's a surprise which one you'll receive!

    the eight different characters that can be attached to a cord

    You'll have the option to receive Spider-Man, Venom, Iron Man, Groot, Olaf, Stitch, Nemo, or Sully.

    Price: $7.12 (originally $8.90, available in eight styles)

    10. A Zero-shaped lamp to quickly become the light of your life — it's so darn cute, how could it not?

    a glowing, lit-up zero lamp

    Promising review: "This Zero light is so cute! He gives off just the right amount of night light. Plus, you can move him around easily. Very happy with this little guy!" —ShannonandEvelyn

    Price: $18.32 (originally $22.90)

    11. A villainous cap sporting the fictional logo of Dr. Facilier's Voodoo Emporium you might want to hold onto to tightly when wearing it on the future revamped Splash Mountain/ Princess and the Frog ride.

    BoxLunch / Via BoxLunch, BoxLunch

    Price: $15.12 (originally $18.90)

    12. A chic crossbody covered in icons inspired by The Fab Five — no, not Queer Eye this time! I'm talkin' Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.

    a black rectangular bag covered in pieces of clothing worn by mickey and his friends with a handle and a long detachable strap

    Price: $68.90

    13. A Disney trivia game you'll probably have to trick your friends into playing with you because they'll already have a HUGE disadvantage with you as an opponent.

    the board game featuring many different characters and trivia cards

    In this game you'll put your Disney knowledge to the test and bid on how many different things you and your friends can list based on different topics like movies, live action and Pixar.

    Promising review: "Absolutely great Disney trivia game! I bought it thinking it was going to be too easy for my family and it was more for kids but it's so challenging and fun! We play it all the time. Hard enough for the diehard Disney fan but easy enough for everyone to play!" —Lexie S

    Price: $19.92 (originally $24.90)

    14. A holographic fanny pack to carry all of your odds 'n' ends while you take a stroll and daydream about Paradise Falls.

    a light blue iridescent fanny pack with a clear front pocket featuring a young carl and ellie fom "up" in a balloon basket
    boxlunchgifts / Via instagram.com

    Promising review: "It’s big and shiny, which makes it hard for people to lose you. I bought this for my hiking adventures and it works perfect! I can fit two water bottles, my phone, my keys and a pair of sunglasses with ease." —Zoozeevee

    Price: $31.92 (originally $39.90)

    15. A tank top for your friend who can usually be found sobbing over the fact they ordered the wrong thing by accident from Taco Bell while also claiming they aren't dramatic at all.

    a light blue heathered tank with snow white, cinderella, ariel, belle, jasmine, and tiana on it crying or yelling and the words "me: i'm so not a dramatic person, also me:" on it


    Price: $23.12 (originally $28.90, available in women's sizes XS–2XL)

    16. A Lilo and Stitch bamboo coaster set to protect your cherished tabletop from looking like it just went surfing with Experiment 626.

    a set of four bamboo coasters with different illustrations of stitch on them

    Price: $13.52 (originally $16.90)

    17. A Hundred Acre Wood jersey for anyone who wants to embrace their love for the classic Silly Old Bear on the reg.


    Price: $27.92 (originally $34.90, available in women's sizes XS–XL(

    18. A lenticular enamel pin of the dress Cinderella's trusty mice crafted for her for the ball, you'll be absolutely mesmerized watching it transform as you tilt it.


    It's the little things, my friends.

    Price: $7.92 (originally $9.90)

    19. An *out of this world* teacup set inspired by WALL-E and EVE that'll make you want stop everything and host a tea party for you and your roomie. Cheers!

    a dark blue starry night-like design on two tea cups and saucers also featuring wall-e and eve on them
    boxlunchgifts / Via instagram.com

    Promising review: "Any respectable Pixar fan wouldn't pass up the opportunity to have this set. We originally ordered this with several other items, and when it arrived, the EVE teacup was broken in half. When we decide to drink tea, a full cup is always preferred. Their customer service was friendly and fantastic in replacing the items and having a new one sent. The images are smooth and fun, and the dishes durable for washing. We look forward to enjoying this whimsy for a long time." —Kilara

    Price: $23.92 (originally $29.90)

    20. A mini backpack designed to look just like Baby Yoda eating a frog — so cute (and strange?) you won't be able to help squealing over it and posting about it all over your Instagram story.

    a tan and green backpack of baby yoda eating a frog
    boxlunchgifts / Via instagram.com

    I would wait until the end of time to own this too-cute recreation of The Child, but luckily this is a pre-order so you and I will only have to wait until mid-September!

    Price: $79.90 (expected to ship by 09/15–9/26)

    21. A graphic tee you can wear on your next family road trip or just to subtly remind everyone A Goofy Movie is one of the greatest of all time.


    🎶If we listen to each otheeeer's heartsssss...🎶

    Price: $23.13 (originally $28.90, available in unisex sizes XS–XL)

    22. A bowl and chopsticks set that'll help you truly recreate the entire Mulan-eating-in-a-hurry-in-a-tent scene (or maybe just, her breakfast).

    a bowl with the eggs and smile made of bacon drawn on the inside in addition to kri-kee from the movie mulan alongside red chopsticks

    If you're actually serious about wanting to recreate Mulan's iconic smiley-face meal, check out this BuzzFeed video (you won't be disappointed, but you might be hungry).

    Promising review: "Works great, washes fine with no damage to the pattern inside. It's adorable, although I do have to be careful not to fill it so far that the filling spills out of the holes where the chopsticks go!" —Mockingdragon

    Price: $15.92 (originally $19.90)

    23. A tote bag that imagines what Pocahontas would look like if she was on a magazine cover. Spoiler: she looks like a glamorous badass.

    a white tote bag with an illustration of pocahontas on it with leaves blowing through her hair and various magazine captions

    Promising review: "This tote is so cute and great quality. It’s the perfect bag for on the go. I love taking it with me to go grocery shopping or to the beach or pool." —Anonymous

    Price: $10.32 (originally $12.90)

    24. A Funko Pop of Miguel in his iconic red hoodie and skeletal face paint you can use to keep you company while you cry your eyes out watching the film and singing "Remember Me."

    a tiny figure of miguel holding his guitar
    boxlunchgifts / Via instagram.com

    What? I can't possibly be the only one who can't make it through Coco without shedding a tear (or 200).

    Promising review: "Ever since watching 'Coco,' I’ve become a huge fan of memorabilia from the film. This Funko figure of Miguel is great with him sporting his beloved guitar compared to the other two previous figures of Miguel. Very recommended with BoxLunch’s quick delivery." —Walter P

    Price: $12 (originally $15)

    25. A Mickey Mouse boba tea tumbler pin that'll garner tons of compliments from fellow Mouseketeers when you put it on display on a denim jacket or backpack.

    an enamel pin designed to look like a combo of mickey mouse and boba tea

    Price: $7.12 (originally $8.90)

    26. A Star Wars Galaxy's Edge cookbook to hold you over until you can once again galavant around, taking selfies in front of the Millennium Falcon while sippin' on blue milk.


    Promising review: "Thankful the book actually lets you know which recipes are vegan or vegetarian AND almost all of the recipes use ingredients that can be substituted for vegan alternatives." —KeWa

    Price: $25.90 (originally $35)

    27. A crewneck with an array of floral designs on it to represent each Disney Princess — a must-have for anyone looking for a more unique addition to their magical apparel collection.

    a model in a tan sweatshirt with different flowers to represent each princess and the princess' name under it

    Promising review: "I love this sweatshirt! Feels like great quality, soft, it is quite oversized so it'll be loose and baggy over leggings. I can't wait until fall to wear it all the time!" —palmtreeprincess

    Price: $35.92 (originally $44.90, available in women's sizes S–XL, 2X)

    28. A framed cloth map of the illustrious Paradise Falls you'll take one look at and realize "OMG, that's what's missing from my bedroom wall."

    the map

    The grape soda pin as the compass? I cannot.

    Promising review: "I bought this for myself to complete my UP wall and it just fits perfectly. It has sort of an antique kind of look." —SuzieP

    Price: $23.92 (originally $29.90)

    29. A recycled denim jacket that'll serve as a reminder for everyone to take care and protect our precious planet, just as the movie WALL-E does. Oh, and you'll look adorable in it!


    Promising review: "Bought this as a gift for my girlfriend, she absolutely loved it! The design on the front and back are stylish, yet not over the top. She also feels great wearing it knowing it's made out of plastic bottles. Yes, it's a thing. Look it up!" —Ray C

    Price: $71.92 (originally $89.90, available in women's sizes XS–S, L–XL, 2X)

    30. A Mickey and Minnie kitchen set to bring some magic to your next cooking sesh (fingers crossed it *also* helps that new recipe you've been wanting to try actually come out as something edible).

    an oven mit, pot holder, and dish towel with mickey and minnie and rainbows on them

    Price: $15.92 (originally $19.90)

    31. A quarter-zip jacket that'll make you want to set your out of office instant-reply and head out on a *Hawaiian roller coaster ride* with Lilo and Stitch.

    an off white half zip with three stripes in light blue, light red, and navy blue across it and stitch surfing a wave on the top right corner

    Or...just curl up on your couch and watch the movie. Regardless, you deserve a day off.

    Price: $43.92 (originally $54.90, available in women's sizes XS–XL, 2X)

    32. And a Nightmare Before Christmas decoration you can can use to count down the days to both Halloween and Christmas — which I'd like you all to know I've been doing since last December.

    a grey coffin with jack skellington, sally, and zero around it and a count down to halloween in the middle

    This spooktacular decoration also comes with a piece for "Christmas" so you can swap it out as soon as Oct. 31 has come and gone.

    Price: $23.92 (originally $29.90)

    Trying to convince myself I don't need all of these items while reaching for my credit card like:

    The Walt Disney Company

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.